Our History

In 1995, Ric and Annie Schultz bought a ranch in the outskirts of Riverdale, California. In the midst of growing wine grapes and pistachios at the time, Ric bought a few cattle to put into his backyard pasture. For years, raising cattle was just a hobby for Ric. He would mix different genetics from local cattlemen and see what types of animals he could create. It wasn’t until after his two kids, Diane and David, got into showing beef cattle in 4-H and FFA that he decided to take his hobby up a notch.

After attending both the local and state fairs with his family, Ric decided that he wanted his kids to become competitive in the show ring. It was then that he began to purchase higher quality animals from other top end cattle companies. From there, he began to breed his livestock, testing out different combinations of high quality genetics. Needless to say, he had a natural gift for putting together the right combination of genetics to create show stopping cattle.

Today, Ric continues to raise his cattle and create some of the most unique combinations of cattle breeding in the industry. With a smaller herd of approximately 85 head of cattle, Rockin S Ranch brings a new, refreshing mix of the cattle to the industry. With a variety of awards, Rockin S Ranch has proven, high quality genetics, which are competitive throughout the country. In many ways, this is his hobby gone wild!

schultz fam pic

Schultz Fam Photo

Schultz Family 1995

Pictured Left to Right:
Ric, David, Annie, & Diane Schultz

Ric & Annie Schultz Family 2020

Pictured Top: Devin & Diane Power, David & Samantha Schultz, Annie & Ric Schultz
Pictured Bottom: Danielle & Douglas Power